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Aircraft Group Ownership

Aircraft Group Ownership is a highly cost effective way to own an aircarft.  Typically, 2 to 6 individuals own an aircraft as part of a group.  Membership starts at GBP30,000 (the equivalent of a luxury car) for a sixth share in an aircraft.

All aircraft are fully managed by Varsity Aviation Ltd and owners can literally just turn up and go.  Varsity Aviation will look after the maintenance aspects, the flight planning, the crewing and will even keep the accounting records up-to-date.

Owners simply pay for the hours they utilise the aircraft.  Hourly rates can be as low as GBP 250/hour for a 6 seater twin engine aircraft like the Beechcraft Baron or the Cessna C421.

Turbo-prop aircraft (single engine or twin engine) like the TBM850, Piper PropJet or King Air 90 are usually a little more expensive but they are also much faster.

Most aircraft available for group ownership can fly non-stop to most European destinations.

Imagine, being able to turn up 15 minutes before departure and fly to the Swiss Alps for a few days skiing!  No airport queues or baggage restrictions and you can fly to an airport much closer to the resort saving on transfer times too.

Varsity Aviation currently has group ownership spaces available on the following aircraft:


Group Ownership

Number of owners




One-off ownership fee

USD 300,000

USD 400,000

USD 600,000

Annual Management Fee (per owner)

USD 12,000

USD 16,000

USD 24,000

Annual Hours (per owner)

150 hrs

200 hrs

300 hrs

Hourly Rate (projected)

USD 1,925/Hr

USD 1,925/Hr

USD 1,925/Hr


The Aircraft will be managed and operated by Varsity Aviation Ltd.

Varsity Aviation specialises in the operation of the Turbo-Commander types of aircraft and with more than 17 years of experience and a completely clean safety record, you will be in good hands.

The aircraft has been maintained to the highest standards and all documentation is kept up to date.

The Twin Turbo Commander is a versatile aircraft.  It offers space to 7 passengers and 2 pilots or 8 passengers and 1 pilot.  The aircraft can fly for approximately 5 hours, allowing you to fly non-stop from London to Tangiers or London to the Southern Tip of Italy or Northern Greece.  It can land on very short runways, paved or unpaved so you can land as close to your final destination as possible.

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