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AOC Manuals, Application, Airline Start ups & Air Taxi Start ups  

Evers Consulting has offered advice to a number of Aircraft Operators and corporations to successfully apply for an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) or Air Operator Permit (AOP) to enable them to start their Airline or Air Taxi firm. We have done so in different parts of the world including Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Oman and the UK. No matter if you are looking to set up a Charter Company operating small piston twins, helicopters or executive jets or if you are looking to start an airline, Evers Consulting can offer the expertise to successfully start your venture.

Our AOC application service includes the following:

Evers Consulting can carry out the entire application process on behalf of the client or we can assist in an advisory role. Applying for an AOC and Operating licence requires time, in-depth knowledge and acces to the required financial resources. Without proper guidance or advice, costs can quickly spiral out of control.

To date we have assisted in the following types of AOC applications:

A to A Sightseeing with Land and Seaplanes in the UK
Air Taxi application with Cessna CJ3+ in the UK
Air taxi application with Challenger 850 in Ireland
International airline application with 3 Airbus A320's in Oman
Air Taxi application using a variety helicopters in the Netherlands
Regional airline application using Dash 8-100 aircraft in Norway

Currently working on an international Airline application using ETOPS and Regional aircraft.

Interim Airline Management

Evers Consulting is able to offer an interim management team to assist you in the start-up of your airline.  In addition, our interim team can help exisitng airlines become profitable.  Our team is build up of highly experienced aviation professionals from maintenance, ISTAT approved appraisers, finance directors, marketing directors to ground operations specialists, operations directors and Head of training managers.

It goes without saying that successfully setting up an Airline or Air Taxi Firm requires knowledge and expertise in a variety of regulations and is dependant on the country in which the Aviation Venture is to be established. Evers Consulting can provide the essential in-depth knowledge of local Regulations to successfully apply for an AOC.  To date we have set up Airlines and Air TAxi Firms under EU-OPS, OTAR, EASA, Civil Aviation Requirements (Guernsey) and Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) as well as some variations to EU-OPS regulations in the Middle East.

Our Consultants

When it comes to maintenance expertise, our two maintenance consultantants who specialise in CAMO support, the production of CAME manuals, Approved Maintenance Programs and the application for maintenance approvals have a combined experience in excess of 50 years.  They both have extensive experience as post holders in the business aviation and airline industry.

Ground Operations
Our Ground Operations expert has more than 30 years of experience in ground operations, Dangerous Goods and Passenger Handling.  He has been a Post Holder Ground Operations in international Airlines.  His knowledge in this field is unsurpassed.

Cabin Operations
The production of an SEP manual requires in-depth knowledge of safety and emergency procedures as well as the different methods of service delivery on board.  Our Cabin specialist has more than 25 years of experience in Cabin Crew management, recruitment and the production of the requisite manuals.

Flight Operations, Training and Compliance
Our Flight Operations, Training and Compliance Consultant has probably produced more aviation related manuals than anyone else in the world.  He has filled a variety of interim management positions from Director Flight Operations, Head of Training and Compliance Monitoring Manager to being the main Project Manager in a variety of start-up airlines.  He has also functioned as advisor to the board of a number of airlines.

Our team can either function as advisors or we can run the entire Airline set-up and application on your behalf.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote and see how we can assist in starting your Executive Aircraft Charter Company or Airline.  At Evers Consulting we offer highly competitive rates and flexible payment schedules.

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