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Customer Feedback

Please find below comments from our customers and some of our latest achievements:

2018 AOC/ATO/Business Services

LEGAIR Ltd based at Cambridge (in process of applying for AOC)
Cirrus UK (ATO)
Flight Training UK (ATO & SPO)
LionAir NL (ATO & SPO)
2-JBMF (Jersey Operator License)
AAR Corp (Business KPI Assessment)
Academy of Civil Aviation Kazakhstan (ATO)
British Antarctic Survey (ATO, NCC & SPO)
Excellence Aviation UK (FAA Approvals)
London Pilot School (ATO)
WestAir Ireland (Compliance and Auditing)
Virtual Aviation UK (Compliance and Auditing)
SaxonAir (Employee engagement workshops)

2017 SPO Operators across Europe

High Level Photography, UK
Helicopter Filming Services, UK
Historic England, UK
Wingglider, UK
Gardaflug, Iceland
AFOC, Germany
Aerographics, UK
Commisionair, UK
CGA, Italy
Aeroniki, Sardinia
NF Fleuren, Germany
Wooning Aviation, Netherlands

2016/2017 FlyViking, Norway

Thank you to Evers Consulting for the advice and support to get our AOC up-and-running.  Our AOC application for our Dash8-100 operation from Tromso would have been delayed significantly had it not been for your input and expertise.

If you ever want to travel inside Norway, travel on FlyViking to have a truly Norwegian experience both in terms of hospitality and

January 2017 Airservice Wildgruber

The thought of having to write a set of SPO manuals for  our parachute dropping business didn't fill me with a great deal of joy and actually, I didn't have the time.  Luckily, Evers Consulting wrote the manuals for us in less than 6 weeks.  It would have taken me three times as long!  The manuals look very professional.  Thank you so much.

December 2016 SalamAir Oman

We wrote the Part A, B, C and D for SalamAir in Oman, a company that will start operations with the Airbus A320 in early 2017 as a Low Cost Carrier.  The Oman Aviation Authority, PACA, uses its own CAR-OPS regualtions which are based on the old JAR-OPS and EU-OPS regulations.  It meant we had to start each manual from scratch to ensure all regulations were satisfied.  We also project managed the entire manual writing process for other manuals like the CAME, AMP, MEL/CDL, SEP and GOM manuals.  We served as advisers to the airline board and consulted on a number of operational issues from FTL to software applications and maintenance.  If you ever intend to visit the beautiful country of Oman, please ensure you use SalamAir as your preferred airline.

2016 Part NCC operators from all over Europe:

Bluebair Luxembourg
Ambrion Aviation
ASP Aviation
Elise Jets
Feggair Inc USA
Jaguar Investco Spain
K Jet Italy
NAC Denmark
SR Aviation
Training Air
Uniwest Group BV Netherlands
Ypsilon BV Netherlands

April 2016 Adria Airways Flight Centre

The addition of the Integrated ATPL and Airbus A320 Type Rating Courses has made a huge difference to our business as a whole.  Thank you also for visiting us here in Ljubljana and helping us implement the courses.  Your assistance was invaluable.  It is nice to see a business giving value for money.  Other businesses quoted twice as much!

March 2016 MAGAirline Hungary

Thank you Evers Consulting for writing an excellent airline business plan and for putting us in touch with a number of investors.  We are now in the final stages of due diligence and we look forward to working with you during the AOC start up phase!

October 2015 Thessalonoki Aero Club

Evers Consulting was approached by the Thessaloniki Aero Club to assist them in the transition from a registered facility to an ATO.  We are proud that our manuals were approved without any findings from the Greek Aviation Authorities and TAC are able to provide the following EASA aeroplane courses: PPL, Night Rating, Mountain Rating, SEP CLass Rating including renewal and revalidation.

September 2015 Virtual Aviation Ltd

In addition to the MCC course approval, we assisted Virtual Aviation in seeking approval to conduct the Multi-Crew Co-operation Instructor Course using the 737-800 simulator.

September 2015 ATC Aviation Ltd

ATC Aviation are now approved as an ATO and are able to provide the PPL (A), Night Rating, Instrument Rating (Restricted), SEP Class rating including Renewals and Revalidations.

August 2015 RFC Bourn

RFC Bourne are based to the West of Cambrigde.  They are now approved as an ATO and are able to provide the PPL (A), Night Rating, Instrument Rating (Restricted), SEP Class rating including Renewals and Revalidations.  More information about RFC Bourne can be found at:

August 2014 Private Pilots Study Centre

PPSC specialise in Theoretical Knowlegde Instruction. They are now approved as an ATO for the PPL and IR (Restricted) Theoretical Knowledge Instruction.  More information about PPSC can be found at:

July 2014 HeliCentre BV - Lelystad, Netherlands

HeliCentre BV at Lelystad in the Netherlands appointed us to convert their EU-OPS manuals to EASA and to add the Cabri and EC120 Type rating courses to their existing R22 and R44 Type Rating Courses.  We amended the Training Manual, their Operations Manual and assisted in the approval process.  The Dutch CAA (ILenT) have just issued their ATO certificate which will be valid from 1 July 2014.  Our next task will be to convert their AOC manuals to reflect the EASA regulations. Visit to find out more about these flying dutchmen (and women)!

June 2014 Virtual Aviation Ltd, Cambridge

We helped Virtual Aviation Ltd to get their 737-800 simulator EASA approved back in March.  We immediately started writing a Multi Crew Co-operation course for them and applied for ATO status on their behalf.  On the 6th of June, Virtual became an EASA approved ATO to conduct MCC courses in their 737-800 fixed base simulator.   The course, which was written with a view to teach students how to avoid the significant seven industry safety risks and to give the students an excellent foundation to start their professional aviation careers.  We have enjoyed working with the professional team at Virtual Aviation.  Please visit: to find out more about their MCC course.

May 2014 Velocitas Aviation Training Cambridge

Velocitas Aviation Training (VAT) specialises in aircraft types that do not have a simulator available in Europe.  The company gained ATO approval on 1 May 2014.  The final CAA inspection was passed without any findings.  Eddie den Hollander, Accountable Manager and Head of Training at VAT says:

'I have been an examiner on the Turbo-Commander for many years.  The new EASA legislation required me to have an ATO to carry out initial type training for the Rockwell MET.  Evers Consulting have done an excellent job in getting this ATO up-and-running.  Thank you'

Velocitas Aviation Training are now approved to carry out Class Rating Training on the PA46, Type Rating Training on the Swearingen SA226T, Rockwell Turbo-Commander 690 and the Rocklwell MET Type Rating Instructor Course.

April 2014 Flugnam Iceland

Flugnam Iceland (Flugskoli Akureyrar) are a highly professional flying organisation based in Akureyrar in the North of Iceland.  Evers Consulting provided all the required manuals for Flugnam to apply for EASA OPS ATO status.  We included the LAPL, PPL, TMG, Night Rating, Aerobatics Rating, Towing Rating and Initial Flight Instructor Rating in the manuals and we are very pleased to announce that Flugnam are now approved by ICETRA as an EASA ATO.  Flugnam gained approval without the need for major manual amendments.

If you are going to visit Iceland, go and visit Flugnam.  Their website address is:

April 2014: Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways are based in the Faroe Islands operating the Airbus A320 and the Avro RJ.  They operate routes to and from the European continent.  Atlantic Airways appointed Evers Consulting to convert their manuals from EU-OPS to EASA OPS.  We recently gained ATO approval on behalf of Atlantic Airways and we are currently awaiting AOC approval for the amended Part A, completely new Part B, C and D.

Visit the Atlantic Airways website at: to find out more about this great company.

Rene Askham, Head of Atlantic Airways Training says:

'My colleagues and I are very satisfied with your product. Especially your response time when we needed changes was surprisingly quick.  If needed in the future we will certainly contact you again.'

March 2014: Virtual Aviation

Virtual Aviation is a Boeing 737-800 Fixed Base Simulator operator at Cambridge Airport.  Until recently, Virtual Aviation provided corporate experiences and airline practice sessions for business and professional pilots respectively.  Evers Consulting assisted Virtual Aviation in the EASA simulator approval process.  We provided the required SMS and CMS and prepared Virtual Aviation for the QTG process.  We are pleased to announce that Virtual Aviation gained the simulator approval  in March 2014.  We are now awaiting approval from the UK CAA for the CRM course which was written from scratch by us.

If you are looking for a highly professional and approved CRM course visit:

Their next step will be to provide the best JOC course money can buy.  Watch this space!

February 2014: Pooleys Flying Instructor School

Evers Consulting assisted Pooley’s Flying Instructor School in updating both the Operations and Training Manual in order to be compliant with EASA OPS. In addition to amending previously approved Flight Instructor and Flight Examiner courses, Evers Consulting in partnership with Dorothy Pooley wrote both the Flight Instructor and Flight Examiner Refresher Seminars.


January 2014: North Weald Flying Group

Myself and my colleagues' were extremely impressed with the whole service from the beginning to the end, the level of attention we received exceeded our expectations'

Evers Consulting Ltd delivered everything they promised to us, on time and with a high level of professionalism.

Like most, I was dreading the process of ATO application and  I consider myself very lucky that I found Evers Consulting Ltd.

I would highly recommend this Company to any Organisation about to go through the ATO process.

It will be the best decision you can make in obtaining your ATO recognition.

Thank you Evers Consulting Ltd

Simon Lowman


Northweald Flying Group Ltd

June 2013: Blue Halkin Ltd

Blu Halkin used to be called Halkin Jet and was based in Northern Italy.  Halkin Jet was owned by the great racing driver Francesco Dracone who decided to move the company to Cambridge in the UK.  We sourced, valued and appraised a 737-400 on their behalf.  The Italian management decided to postpone the 737 project and focused on starting an AOC with a Citation CJ3.  Evers Consulting project managed the entire AOC application process and wrote all the manuals.  Blu Halkin has a great team of people with an Italian passion for perfection.  Their Commercial director has a real understanding of customer needs whilst their DFO/ head of training is highly experienced and not willing to cut corners on safety.  Their maintenance post holder is a true gentlemen and a perfectionist.  He ensures all aspects of the Continuous Airworthiness are well looked after.  Francesco himself has a real 'we can do it' attitude which is loved by his customers.  We thoroughly enjoyed working with this Italian power house and we hope they will continue to be successful as a charter operator.

Read about Blu Halkin:

February 2013: Marlborough Fine Art Ltd

His Grace, the Duke of Beaufort, owner of Marlborough Fine Art, Mayfair, London commissioned Evers Consulting Ltd to carry out an aircraft ownership feasibility study to ascertain the best way forward for the company owned aviation asset.  As part of the study, we carried out a comparison between Netjets fractional ownership, private ownership and placing the aircraft on an AOC.  As part of this study we carried out a business aviation market analysis to forecast revenues and service options.  The study revealed that placing the aircraft on an AOC was the best way forward.



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