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EASA NCC Manuals

EASA Air Operations Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 Part-NCC applies to non-commercial flights in complex motor-powered aircraft. Part-NCC came into effect on 25 August 2016.

Part-NCC requires each operator to adhere to the same essential requirements as commercial air transport operators but the rules are proportionate -  instead of holding an AOC, operators must submit a declaration to the Competent Authority about their operation.

The declaration will help the Competent Authority to establish and maintain the required oversight programme for Part-NCC aircraft. The programme will be developed based on the nature and complexity of each operation using available data, including that from past oversight activities.

Who is affected?

Operators of complex motor-powered aircraft flying non-commercial flights

What is classed as a ‘complex motor-powered aircraft’?

Complex motor-powered aircraft means

What is required from affected operators?

Operators will need to be familiar with the EASA Basic Regulation and the Air Operations Regulation. They will also need to comply with the detailed implementing rules in Annex III (Part-ORO Organisation Requirements) and Annex VI (Part-NCC). If an operator needs specific approvals, for example, covering low visibility operations, performance based navigation or dangerous goods; they will need to comply with elements of Annex V (Part-SPA).

Affected operators need to understand the rules and ensure they are in compliance.

Operators must, for example:

An 'Operator' is classed as anyone person or organisation that looks after a privately owned aircarft (either their own or on behalf of an owner).  The operator is the person or company who decides when the aircraft goes into maintenance, does the flight planning or organises anything else associated with the operation of the aircraft).

Once compliant, operators of aircraft affected by the EASA regulations who are resident, or have their principal place of business, in the UK must make their declaration to the CAA (in accordance with Part-ORO).  Operators from other EU member states must make their declaration to their own Competent Authority.

We have a lot of experience in writing manuals for AOC holders, ATO holders, SPO operators and NCC operators.  We have written manuals for more than 20 different ATO's and we wrote AOC manuals for several different operators.  Manual writing is what we do best.

Our NCC manuals come in three parts:

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Some screen shots of the manual are provided below:

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