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Intellectual property theft - Buyer beware!

One of our clients recently asked us to carry out an audit on their manual suite.  The manuals were originally supplied by a consultancy who, by their name specialise in AOC's and who are based in the UK.  When we audited the client's SPO manual we quickly realised that this manual was a copy of the Evers Consulting template and that the supplier of these manuals had used our intellectual property.  Of course, they had used different colours and changed a few items to tailor the manual to the cient's operation but other than that, they used the manual that was written by Evers Consulting Ltd.

Evers Consulting has written all its manuals without using anyone else's intellectual property.  We use the EASA regulations to compose all of our manuals.  Not someone else's work.

Nice to know that a competitor has endorsed the quality of our work by copying it...

New VIP Charter Company coming to Cambridge

Towards the end of 2018 we will have completed the application for an AOC operation in the UK using a small 7 seat twin turbo-prop aeroplane.  Our client is now looking to recruit a Captain and First Officer to help fly the aeroplane and they are in need of a Customer Service Representative to look after the VIP passengers when they arrive at the airport.  This operation will be based at Cambridge Airport in the UK.  Please send your CV and covering letter to: or call +44(0)333 9000 737.

FTL & FRMS Requirements

Under EASA regulations, certain operators require an FRMS system.  The Isle of Man Aviation Authorities also require operators to have an FRMS and annual training is now a requirement.

Evers Consulting now offers Flight Time Limitations and Fatigue Risk Management Training Courses to help you satisfy this requirement.  Please contact us to arrange your annual training event.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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