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Aircraft Acquisition Planning

Aircraft Acquisition Planning is a process designed to help you identify a Commercial Airliner, Private jet, Turbo-prop, Helicopter or Piston Aircraft that best suits your needs. 

Purchasing an aircraft can be a complex process.  How do I decide which aircraft fits my specific mission requirements?  How do I ensure the aircraft fits within my budget?  How much will it cost to own a particular aircraft over the next five or ten years?  How do I compare two different aircraft on a like-for-like basis?  Who can look after the day-to-day management of my asset and who will maintain it?  These are just a few questions that need answering before handing over a substantial amount of money to an aircraft manufacturer or aircraft broker.

At Evers Consulting we assist in answering the above questions to find the aircraft that best suits the needs of the customer.  We can evaluate new and used aircraft types and compare the fixed and variable ownership costs.  We can also provide information related to:

Purchasing an aircraft requires in-depth knowledge of the above processes.  At Evers Consulting we offer a bespoke, turn key aircraft acquisition service that will save our clients significant amounts of time and money.  Customers that have used our Aircraft Acquisition service have been in a position to choose the aircraft that was most suited to fulfil their mission requirements.  It will come as no surprise that an aircraft that is not capable of fulfilling the needs of the owner will either sit idle on the ramp or turn into a finacial sink hole.  However, a carefully chosen aircraft that suits a client’s needs and budget will add value to their business or personal life.

We have assisted in the purchase and sale of commercial airliners like the Boeing 737, executive jets, corporate aircraft, turbo-props, piston aircraft and executive helicopters.  Using the Evers Consulting Aircraft Acquisition service makes good business sense as it will save you significant amounts of time and money.  Contact us today and we will be happy to provide a no obligation quote.

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