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Aircraft Management

Evers Consulting Ltd specialises in Aircraft Asset Management of Executive Jets, Turbo-props, Helicopters and Piston Aircraft.  Our personalised and individually tailored Aircraft Management service has been enjoyed by a member of the English Aristocracy since 2003.

Customers who use the Evers Consulting Aircraft Management Service do not experience the stress and aggrevation that is often associated with private aircraft ownership. We can look after every aspect of these high value assets.  We understand that each customer has different requirements, which is why we tailor the service in accordance with the wishes of the owner.  It really doesn’t matter where your aircraft is based; we currently manage assets in different parts of the world.

Unique Payment Plan

We understand that our owners do not want to spend thousands on management fees and maintenance oversight.  To accommodate this, we use an innovative fee structure that saves them considerable amounts of money when compared to some of the large management companies.  Our fee structure uses a low fixed fee and a variable fee linked to your asset utilisation.  That way you pay less if your aircraft is in maintenenance or if you haven't used it much in a particular month.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure you experience a service that is always second-to-none.  Evers Consulting has more than 15 years experience looking after executive aircraft on behalf of owners and corporations.

At Evers Consulting, we spend a lot of time getting things right for you and we like to build up an excellent rapport with our customers as high value asset management requires a long term commitment and a long lasting business relationship.  If you are travelling for business or for pleasure it really doesn’t matter, we ensure you can just turn up and go.

We can considerably reduce your ownership costs by placing your aircraft on a Charter Permit.  When you are not in need of your aircraft, we can make it available to third parties offering you a healthy return on your investment and a significant contribution towards the fixed operating costs of your aircraft.  See our Air Operator Certificate (AOC) section to find out more.

Owning an executive jet or a helicopter can be expensive which is why we like to keep our aircraft management services competitively priced.  Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

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