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EASA Part SPO Manuals

In April 2017 all specialised aviation operators must have EASA Part SPO manuals and must make a declaration to the Competent Authority in their country.  Part SPO Manuals consist of:

A Part SPO Operations Manual
A Safety Management Manual i.a.w. Part ORO.GEN.200
A Compliance Monitoring Manual i.a.w. Part ORO.GEN.200

So far, we have written Part SPO manuals for parachute operators, survey operators and aerial photography operators to name but a few.

Writing SPO manuals takes time and requires an excellent understanding of the regulations set forth in Annex VIII of the Commission Regulation 216/2008.

We would be delighted to produce a set of manuals for you.  After all, Evers Consulting is probably the leading aviation consultancy in Europe when it comes to manual writing.  We have successfully written manuals since 2003 and have written manuals for AOC holders, ATO's, Part NCC operators, Part SPO operators and maintenance organisations.

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